Counselling & Other Services

How Counselling Can Help

We all struggle to feel happy at times. We can lose connection with what we value most. We can lose connection with those we love. Life may not be what we had hoped for. Sometimes, we can be struggling with uncomfortable memories and feelings from the past.

At these times, we may experience depression or anxiety. It may be difficult to manage our responsibilities – even basic necessities like sleeping, eating, exercising, socialising, or functioning at work.

It can help to talk about these experiences with a counsellor (a psychotherapist or psychologist).

PsychMaps offers professional counselling that focuses on:

  • Working together towards your goals for change
  • Help to clarify what is most important to you in life
  • Motivational support to live your life by those values
  • Proven strategies to address unhelpful patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours
  • Extensive experience with treatment for alcohol and drug and mental health concerns
  • Support to process difficult childhood experiences (for example, living with an alcoholic parent), or traumatic experiences (for example, an assault)
  • Mindfulness-based counselling approaches (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy or Schema Therapy)
  • Incorporating the latest research into the effects of stress and trauma on the mind, brain and body

PsychMaps offers affordable rates, including private healthcare and Medicare rebates with a GP referral under the Better Access initiative.

Clinical Supervision & Program Development

PsychMaps also provides clinical supervision and program development support to human services and their workers.

PsychMaps has provided clinical supervision and program development support, to services such as:

Counselling Locations

PsychMaps’ professional counselling services are conveniently located in Carlton and Brunswick, in the inner north of Melbourne. See the link above for directions to these locations.

How to Get Started

Please email PsychMaps – or call us on 0401431931 – to discuss how we can help you with counselling or other services.

Counselling via Skype or phone is also available.