Program Development

PsychMaps provides a range of professional and program development services to the human services sector.

This helps to improve the quality and safety of services for the community.

PsychMaps has extensive experience providing program development services to alcohol and drug and mental health services.

Program Development for Human Services

PsychMaps has helped to develop and deliver a range of programs:

  • Clinical treatment guidelines
  • Staff training programs
  • Funding submissions

Program Development for Human Services Clients

PsychMaps has also developed life-skills and support group programs for alcohol and drug clients.

The clinical focus of these programs has been:

  • Outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug and mental health concerns
  • Developing parenting capacity amongst parents who are experiencing alcohol and drug and/or mental health concerns

PsychMaps’ Program Development Projects

Program development projects have included:

Clinical Supervision

PsychMaps also provides clinical supervision to human services staff.

This helps workers to maintain health and well-being. It also further develops professional skills.

PsychMaps provides supervision to mental health counsellors, alcohol and drug counsellors, psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, nurses, managers, case managers or care coordinators, intake officers, group facilitators, health promotion workers, and support workers.

Please follow the link above to read more about the clinical supervision services provided by PsychMaps.

Helpful Frameworks for Program Development in the Human Services Sector

Frameworks that PsychMaps often utilises are:

How to Get Started

Please email PsychMaps – or call us on 0401431931 – to discuss how we can help you with program development, clinical supervision or other services.

Clinical supervision via Skype or phone is also available.