Clinical Supervision

Clinical Supervision is essential for ongoing health and well-being. It is an integral component of reflective practice for human services workers.

PsychMaps is able to offer a broad range of experience and competence in the alcohol and drug and mental health fields.

This experience includes frontline clinical service delivery, clinical supervision, and the mentoring and administrative responsibilities of senior management.

PsychMaps can support supervisees to address and effectively manage the wide range of challenges faced in the humans services sector.

Focus of Clinical Supervision for Human Services Practitioners

For practitioners, clinical supervision can focus on:  

  • Sustaining health and well-being in and out of the workplace
  • The art of assessment
  • Rapport building and the therapeutic alliance
  • Treatment planning and reviewing treatment progress
  • Utilising psychometric tools
  • Working with trauma and developmental factors affecting clients’ relationships and capacity to cope
  • Relapse prevention
  • The role of personality factors in longer-term substance use and mental health concerns
  • Managing therapy interrupting behaviours
  • Transference and countertransference
  • Coping with challenging co-workers

Focus of Clinical Supervision for Human Services Managers

For human services managers, clinical supervision can focus on: 

  • Balancing performance management with mentoring young clinicians
  • The challenges of project management
  • Moving from being a member of the team to team leader
  • Balancing a client load with managerial responsibilities
  • Enhancing the capacity of clinical teams to respond to mental health and substance use concerns

Services PsychMaps has Supported with Clinical Supervision

PsychMaps has provided clinical supervision to staff of services such as:

Helpful Frameworks with Clinical Supervision

PsychMaps can tailor supervision support to a practitioner’s preferred frameworks for practice.

Frameworks which PsychMaps often utilises are:

How to Get Started

Please email PsychMaps – or call us on 0401431931 – to discuss how we can help you with clinical supervision or other services.

Clinical supervision via Skype or phone is also available.